The more it rains

The more it rains... February 17 2014

The weather has been pretty dire recently. Thankfully we have some lovely hay that the sheep are very happily munching on which is keeping them going through this muddy season.

At Elmwicke, it was the snowy weather that we looked forward to the least, but these heavy rains and winds over the past month are far worse than the dreaded snow!

The feeding of the sheep has now turned into a daily game of hide and seek. We hide, they seek! When we get to the feeders it is like being on a bucking bronco ride as they all jostle to position themselves around us and the food! What makes it even more perilous is the mud which makes the ground like an ice-rink. Needless to say, more than one of us has ended up on our backsides, up to our eyes in mud while the sheep merrily tuck into their feed!